Toronto Star catches Miles & all in rehearsal for Harriet the Spy

The Toronto Star’s reality check blogger Debra Yeo, managed to get on set of Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, and caught them in rehearsal of this number choreographed by Blake McGrath!

Miles dances in “Harriet the Spy”, and Choreographer Blake McGrath, and he, grab some time to discuss some numbers in the movie.

Uncharted Sounds interview with Miles

Uncharted Sounds Dixie Gong interviewed Miles before the Dances of Offering benefit show.

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Dances of Offering was a success in every way. Lisa Balestri and Dixie Gong of Uncharted Sounds were there to interview, photograph, and review the event.

“As the evening performances unfolded, I can see little Liam and his family in the balcony box adjacent to our box, taking in all the festivities of the evening…

“Miles demonstrated that night, that his talent is not only in dance, but was a very impressive host to the show. His natural delivery to the show was genuine…”


So You think you can choreograph an audition solo?

CTV’S Lindsay Zier-Vogel, talks to SYTYCDC dancers about choreographing a solo

Improvising with Miles Faber

Though Season 1’s Top 3 dancer Miles Faber improvised his audition solo, he notes he still did a lot of prep work in advance. “Improvisation isn’t something that just happens. You need to practice improvising, whether it be in your basement, at the clubs or in front of a mirror….”


Miles makes sure he has a choreographic framework before performing his popping solos.