Sharing the Screen With @brooklynsudano ‘Turn The Beat Around’

That time I got to share the screen with @brooklynsudano. A great actor, super cool, and also the daughter of disco queen, Donna Summer. The funk runs in the family. “Turn The Beat Around” directed by the talented @b_radleywalsh. ‪#‎actor‬ ‪#‎film‬ ‪#‎television‬ ‪#‎toronto‬ ‪#‎tbt‬ ‪#‎turnthebeataround‬12299163_10156276687945585_7051085440130327963_n

Foleywood:The Legend Of Boomer Lav

This is Brian.
He has a problem …

or does he …


Foleywood: The Legend Of Boomer Lav on Toteflix






An Actor’s Holiday PromoAn Actor’s Holiday Promo

An Actor’s Holiday Promo


When you played hockey as a kid, and you think …

“What if you were one of the last two people on the planet?”

Think the morning after a one night stand is awkward? How about if you were also the last two people left on the planet. Meet Tom, he’s one of the two people left.


With Angela Kaiser and Jeff Feldcamp