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“Celebrate the end of winter with this #FunFriday favourite! Miles Faber shows us how he stays warm with a popping freestyle, featuring music by Legend da Beatslaya.”

The Dance Current Canada’s Dance Magazine

Cold As Funk

Check out this promo I directed for Women’s Mecca! It’s a fantastic workspace in Toronto, check it out!

DOP Dave Lam

Want to shoot a video? Hit me up and we will make it happen!




Toronto Dance Teacher Expo

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‘Paw & Order’ and other Instagram Shorts

“What The …”?

Theatre noob. 😅 #usher#theatre #instaskit #instacomedy #comedy#toronto #dance #dancecompetition@movewiththebeat


That friend who always makes bad jokes.

Ever wonder what happened to the bat?



I just need to stop for a little snack!!



Excuse me … the struggle is real …

How to layer for Fall


Steve the Dancer Hype Man for Hire is back, and he’s got something to say..


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‘Wet Work’ Final Cut

…one of my latest projects, “Wet Work”. I wrote, produced, directed, edited, and played in this short film. I had such an amazing team that I am forever grateful for. DOP: DaveLam , 1stAD: LouisaPang, Original Score: Arnold Faber , Sound: ErinMcCann Hair/MU: Tahlia Stepka , Thug 1: MichaelShewchuk , Thug 2: George Nikitakis . A huge thank you to Henry Faber and Bento Miso for use of the space.
Please watch, share, enjoy.
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“Safety First”!

Always remember the importance of safety meetings everyone…here is ours: “Safety First”

What an awesome time producing/acting in this short with all of these awesome people!

Director/Producer Cat Hostick with DOP Russ De Jong and our principal cast- actor/producer Jordon Ford Karyn De Jong , Reuben Moes George Nikitakis @maxxvanwyck @DylanDeJong Rebecca Grenier1st AC: Michael Fisher Sound: Marco A Furgiuele Post Sound: Matt Walker MUA: Tahlia Stepka Composer: Sean Croley , Prod (s). Brad DeJong. Thanks again Cat and Russ!

A HUGE thank you to Henry Faber and the whole Bento Miso team for the location. ‪#‎comedy‬ ‪#‎ShortFilm‬ ‪#‎FilmandTelevision‬ ‪#‎TDoTFilm‬ ‪#‎Toronto‬